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Laughing Moon Fine Arts

Artist – Fine Art – Notecards – Prints

Katherine Yvinskas earned her MFA at Northern Illinois University and her work encompasses a personal vision of nature as seen through her drawings, watercolors, hand-colored prints and mixed media collages. “The fun begins when you choose to interpret the subject or idea in your own way, using your creative skills and resulting in a piece like no other. It is your gift to share with the world.”

Her work has graced the covers of several publications and is included in the Anne Steele Marsh Print Collection of the Hunterdon Museum of Art and in many private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

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Long Valley Arts, Inc.

art Long Valley Arts is a community-based arts group, eager to support local groups — poetry, scouts, theater, whatever — that need a place to meet. The refurbished building sports a pool table, video game room, TVs with basic cable, and PCs with graphics software. Teenagers, grades 7-12, gather on Friday and Saturday nights for chaperoned get-togethers for classes in the arts taught by area volunteers, to play music in the garage, or to use the other amenities of the center and just hang out. Volunteers are needed and welcomed.

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