Gingerbread House Registration

Rules & Information

  1. Contest is open to all families, community members and children. Please sign up for appropriate Category. (see descriptions below)
  2. Registration deadline is Thursday, December 1, 2016. Please fill out one form for each Gingerbread House being entered.
  3. All entries will receive a confirmation email with this list of rules.
  4. All entries must be dropped off at 20 Schooley’s Mountain Road, Long Valley on December 3rd from 11:00-12:30pm. Judging will be at 1:00pm. No houses will be accepted after 12:30 pm.
  5. Houses will be assigned an entry number for judging.
  6. Houses will be evaluated by a panel of judges and ribbons/prizes will be awarded to the top entries in each category. No judges will have family members entered in the contest.
  7. Entries will remain on display throughout the day on Sunday, December 6th during Long Valley’s Holiday Happenings 3-6:00pm. People’s Choice Award votes will be collected during Holiday Happenings. One vote per person.
  8. The LVJWC and the LVVA reserve the right to photograph entries for any promotional purposes.
  9. Ribbons will be displayed during Holiday Happenings.  You may pick up your ribbons on Sunday, December 7th at 20 Schooley’s Mountain Road Long Valley
  10. The LV Junior Women’s Club and LVVA reserve the right to reject any entry deemed inappropriate.
  11. Anonymous entries will not be accepted.
  12. All houses will be on display at local area businesses for 1-2 weeks after the event. (Locations to be determined). You must pick up your entry by date TBD or it will be thrown out.

For questions or more information regarding the 10th Annual Gingerbread House Display and contest, please use the comment field in the form above or email
Angela:   or  Aimee:

Categories & Materials Used

The following is a list of all the age groups and categories in which gingerbread houses will be judged (4 total categories).

  • Child(ren) only, groups or individual, ages 7-12
  • Child(ren) only, groups or individual, ages 13-17
  • Family (must include at least one adult 18+ years old and one child of any age)
  • Scouts
  • Adults only, groups or individual, 18+

If you have any questions about which group you would be please contact:

Angela:   or  Aimee:

Children, Scout and Teen Categories.

  • Cardboard may be used to form frame of house.
    All surfaces, including bases, must be covered with edible products.
  • All decorations must be edible. Foil and wrapped candies are allowed.
  • Child & Teen Group Bases cannot exceed 20”x 20”
  • Individual Child Bases cannot exceed 12”x12”

Family and Adult Categories.

  • Entire entry must be constructed of Gingerbread (no cardboard/boxes used)
  • Structures must be covered with edible products, including bases. Foil and wrapped candies are allowed.
  • Professional, Adult, Senior and Family bases cannot exceed 24”x24”

Judging Criteria

Each Entry will be judged in five categories:

  1. Originality/Creativity
  2. Best Use of Candy/Cookies
  3. Overall Appearance/Neatness/Precision
  4. Best Design based per category
  5. Best Theme

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